The rent of childlessness

Who wants help me to solve the world problems by help of the genetic?


If everybody who decides voluntarily for childlessness for a life time gives a rent decicive world problems could be solved. Because in that case you hit the nail on its top. Firstly, you fight the poverty in the world. There will be no home-less and no starvation. And also the handicapped will not have to save money since they don't receive enough rent. Secondly, health of mankind can be cared for and stop the degeneration. Above all, if one can receive the full rent only if there are no children already. Thirdly, one can fight over-population and starvation (normal help only provides that in a few years there won't be a famine again since nature cannot feed so many people any longer and suffers from damage) in the world, if the rent of childlessness and international old people and invalid care is spread in the whole world. But everyone who decides to do so shall have the rent of childlessness for the whole of their life-time. Because, if one wants to have offspring or not has to be decided by himself or herself alone. And everybody shall know what will happen, if one has offspring. That illness and health could be handed down. And also that children are expensive and play with the nerves of the adults. The people who want to have offspring must know clearly what is going to happen if they do so and they must know, what they want to make the children responsible for. They must know that their children could be infected with their illness or that their illness could hinder them to treat the children righteously. And they should be subject of an exam if they ready want to have children. This is the only way to avoid children being mistreated. And in case one only wants to receive the rent, he disables himself, if he hasn't offspring afterwards. And I think, he shouldn't have offspring.


Of course, people who decide to remain childless for a lifetime should be contracted so that they must return the rent if they break the contract of childless-ness and they should be liable to pay double the money if they abort the unborn child! And people who decide for the rent childlessness should be educated by special government programs.


I think the idea of the monastery is not so bad, but first we should not swear, since we become inflexible through swearing and second we should not be so strict. Childlessness is important, not being without sex, sex is a normal drive and 1 think we should be able follow it if we protect ourselves good enough against pregnancy and diseases, and I ask myself, why it shouldn't be possible to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend in a monastery as well. Also the obedience and the poverty in the monasteries make them not attractive. Of course, these are good goals, but the importance is that people go to the monasteries again. And for this reason, monasteries must be attractive. Important is that the people who decide to remain childless have a task and find a sense in their lives. They should not hang around and become addict or even criminal. Also it is not so Important to give the monasteries a religious touch because this could make them unattractive again. 1 should say that there should be different monasteries (also with hobby facilities, computer, garden and so on, religious and non-religious and this for various religions and cultures.. it would also be good if monasteries would be more democratic.


In order to also stop, besides the over-population, the AIDS, I would support the condoms in a case of childlessness rent. Also the sterilization offers advantages. (Reliability)


To avoid that in case of lesser population the social benefits decrease, I would augment the age of retirement, above all in professions which require a large knowledge and an expensive education. On the other hand, for professions which do not require a special knowledge 1 would decrease the age of retirement also that they become popular again and will be executed by Swiss people. Further more i would involve a health-focused flexible age of retirement.


Also I would establish a childlessness,, medical, hospital and therapy financial source. Because the people who decide for childlessness should be relieved from the expensive medical, hospital and therapy-costs. This is a human way for people who wouldn't have survived in the wideness to not have offspring..


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