Who wants help me to solve the world problems by help of the genetic?


On earth exist plants like the clover which produces his own fertilizer directly from air with the help of
Why can't we learn seaweeds to do the same? Because finally we are menaced by the hothouse effect!
And seaweed supporting his own growht by producing his own fertilizer could be very helpfull to us.
Even our energy problems could be solved if we harvest it and ferment it into biogas.
Other heavy world problems could also be solved by
genetic interventions! Mice for example become, at overpopulation of their species, later fertile in their life
 than usual. They regulate their population this way! Wouldn't that be a solution for mankind to? We could
 change geneticly with the help of a virus the way that we react just the same like mice and we would 
become fertile 10 or 20 years later if there is hunger or overpopulation in the world.
The main cause of all world problems could be removed
and we could save our planet!
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