How we can survive, stop or avoid wars!


Katz und Maus


Offensiv Strategy (*.exe)


Up till today strategies were confined to damage the enemy at a maximum possible. Not only to defend ourselves but also to terrorize the enemy with bombs too! Repay bomb with bomb and develop always newer weapons and finally the A-bomb! But world domination still wasn't reached. The more an enemy is terrorized the stronger his resistance will become. Even big Russia is not in position to dominate the small countries of  Afghanistan or Tschetschenia! In the western hemisphere there are also examples how our strategie has failed pitifully and how it has brought even mores divison into small groups! Big states like the Soviet Union disintegrate and we are confronted with a lot of little Russian states. Many of them are in possession of atomic weapons. And the risk of a atomic war increases steadily.


But makes is sense to shoot back in case that Russia ot China has attacked us with atomic missiles? Would this help us to survive? No, but the enemy wouldn't survive either.


But is a dead enemy usefull for us if we're already dead?


The evolution must begin at the rat again. Neither we have won nothing at all nor nature has.



And if we wouldn't shoot back? Well at least the enemy an his governement would survive! But this one will not survive eternally either! See Gorbatschow and his Perestroika!


Wouldn't it be better to shoot down the attacking atomic missiles instead of striking back? I pay particullar attention to Reagens SDI,which is utopian, but in my opinion the only strategy which could be helpfull in case of an amtomic conflict. So wouldn't it be much better to search such solutions instead  of producing always more powerfull and dangerous retaliatory weapons?


What is retaliation? Is it usefull? If the enemy drops boms, so I'll throw some bombs back! Of course the enemy wouldn't stop and we wouldn't stop neither.

A vicious circle!!!


But if we confine us to selfdefense only, the chance that the enemy will stop his attacks will increase. And why shall we not, instead of fighting the enemy with bombs, go to the hinterland (e.g. with paratroopers) and fight against the enemy's inflammatory campaign! Helping the people of the enemy to survive, to live, to train it, to inform it and to do resistance if they want. Wouldn't this be a better solution?


I think this way could nearly all wars be stopped! Finally mankind could be united and perhaps our threatened world can be saved at least.


Because one thing is clear -


the world can be saved together only!