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The new firm structure



I think that the capital of a company should not belong to the so-called "capitalists" alone, but 30 % should belong to the capitalists and 70% to the employees which would be together stockholders of the company and manage it together too. If a worker is dismissed, he would get back his part of the capital which he should pay into the new company where he found a new job. If the amount isn't sufficient than the outstandig amount could be financed by a deduction of the salary and a contribution of the company itself until the required amount is reached. But the new employee would have the same rights like the other staff. After his retirement the capital stock will serve as pension fund which would be paid out as a pension until death. After the death of the shareholder its capital will fall back to the company. This capital would be used by the company to support young workers who start a new job after having ended school or after their apprenticeship by giving them a starting capital (his share). The above mentioned can be promoted by increasing wealth taxes from a certain amount.