The direct democracy
Bild der Erde
A real democracy is only
then guaranteed when the people actually can decide and
don't has to see how politicians plead interests which
the people often don't really wants.
But it's not my meaning that the peolple now has to vote
for every nonsens!
If someone has some objections, he can introduce his
ideas into a computer network which has to be installed
for this purpose specially. If sufficient people have
the same objection, they could launch a voting by computer
too. The same procedure would also be valid for new laws.
Of course some controls must be guaranted; e.g.
the voter's anonymity and the certainty that every
person can vote only one time for each subject.
This has to be checked by independent instances
which are supervised themselves by independent persons
from the people
The parties shall not be financed by the industry
or by organizations!
They shall all receive the same support.
Television and broadcasting stations should give
the same advertising possibilities to all parties.
The voters should be furnished with independent
information about the subjects to vote for.