The Rochester Experiment.


Please show particle pattern !




The Rochester Experiment 1


1: A single light particle is driven into the experimental device.


2: First it passes a only half pervious mirror.


3: Then the light particle passes trough a double  breaking crystal.The light will be transformed in two particles by the crystal.


4: Since there is a single particle only on the way it won't give any interference sample.


Please show wave pattern !




The Rochester Experiment: 2


But if we remove the second disk from the beam's way or if we replace the detector whit a disk,there will be an interference sample.



The universe must know what a detector is  and where he is. It must have a consciousness and be omniscient.Since it can force a single particle in interaction with itself, if unobserved, we must assume that the universe owns omnipotence too, because the light particle (photon) and everyother particle is a only a simulation of something greater, in its entirety incomprehensible whole!


There are also other experiments proving this fact, e.g. the Berekely Experiment and ohters.

The universe has the same feelings like we have.It feels joy and pain.. We aren't lost for ever but part of a whole. And as we treat the lowest, we treat the universe too!


And as we treat the lowest, we treat the universe too!


Contact with the universe!


Following physical laws, no man is able to determine, when a definite radioactive particle disintegrates!
Scientists can only imagine when half of it has disintegrated.The universe has now the possibility, to transmit 
messages to the humanity by the position of the disintegrationof a particle. We could be able to contact 
the universe with the help of one or several geiger miller counters, an interface and a computer. A contact which 
could be very helpfull to all the humanity!
How you can test who you got on the wire.
The universe is omniscient! You can easily test, whether it is really the universe or not.
 You only must question it!


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