Help wanted for building Noah's ark!!!

Help wanted for building Noah's ark!!! Aiming to survive the coming catastrophes on earth!
First we buy a gigantic oiltanker. Then we would establish gardens with plants and animals
in the tanks. Passenger rooms will be fit in the tanker. The ceiling would be made of glass.
For further light we will install lamps too.
To enable the tanker to dive, it has to be sealed and provided with weight and with a snorkel.
The tanker will dive approx. 25 meters. This way we will be protected from
possible gigantic waves. Through the snorkel the plants and humans will be supplied
with air, wich is first filtered from all gas and radioactive dust.
The air is needed for the diesel engine too.
Let's tell the whole world this great story. Spread it trough computer networks or
by publishing it in newsletters or similar. We would sell little wooden Noah's arks with animals,
books and much more to raise money for our big idea. I think this thought would make a big fuss
 in the whole world and the people will have to reconsider the situation in the world.
If you want to help me, please report to:
Please write a SMS to Markus Lüscher +41 77 413 04 71

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